About Us

Apolo Driving School was born in 1995 and is family
owned.  Our friendly and patient instructors
are licensed by the State of California to train individuals.  
We take pride in turning inexperienced, nervous drivers
into confident, safe drivers.  

We are located in Van Nuys, at 6741 Van Nuys Blvd.
just next to the 99cent store.    

From beginners to brush-up lessons, our instructors
recognize that everyone is different and for that reason
we personalize our driving lessons. Good driving skills
play a very important role in your safety and everyone
else on the road.  We are here to reinforce the importance
of reducing the risks of driving with proper training.  We
want our students to know their responsibility when
driving and to understand the laws of the road.

Our instructors can teach any student steering and
breaking techniques but most important how to drive
safe, responsible and courteous in addition on how to
be prepared for dangerous situations when the other   
person makes the mistake, looking out for everyone
and everything else on the road.

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